The best gift of all!

I know how it is this time of year.. Stressing about what to get people, wondering if that sweater will fit Sally.. Will Mom enjoy the bracelet?  Wait, didn't we get her one last year?  Well, don't stress my pet.  I have the PERFECT gift.. Give your friends and loved ones an Ashley Stewart Photography Gift Certificate for Christmas!  You pick what package you want and they can always upgrade if needed.  Feel like scheduling a surprise session for a loved one?  We can do it.  Want to give them the gift of prints as well?  Done.  Purchase a Gift Card now, and a hard copy will be sent to your home address to put under the tree.   Email me at for more information, but hurry!  It's just around the corner!

*Gift Certificates may not be redeemed for cash.  Once purchased, the Gift Certificate is non-refundable.  


For Photogs..

I have decided to share my album templates and card templates with all you photogs out there!  Here is an album sample. All templates will be customized for Mpix Pro specs.  I will be adding a "For Photogs" link at the top of the Blog in the next few days, so you can start purchasing the templates!  I have worked very hard on these, and I have spent a lot of time making sure they are very user friendly before passing them on.. So, Stay tuned!  

Is it Christmas Yet?

Luckily, No.  

Now don't get me wrong.. Christmas is my favorite holiday because I love to decorate, wrap presents, bake, and spend a lot of time with the ones that I love the most.   

But the shopppppinng.  Ugh.   Stresses me out.

However I am excited because this year I have got a jump on the Christmas Card making.  Here is a preview of what we've got going on over here, and there is plenty more to come!  I will be adding these templates to an Etsy Shop for purchase, but here is  just a sample until then!