Ashley Stewart Photography | Rachel + Zack's Engagement Session

Let me just start with this.... 

Look at that rock!  Zack did such a good job... Swoon.

Now, on to the REALLY important stuff.. Like, how cute these two are?

Not only are they adorable, but they are the most laid-back-go-with-the-flow folks that I have ever met.  If you know me, you know that makes them my favorite.  

Rachel is soft spoken, kindhearted and always looking super smokin', while Zack is a button up clad jokester who only has eyes for her.  The two of them are the perfect match, the perfect compliment to one another.  They both have the brightest futures, and they are fortunate to have found their "person" in one another.  So glad to be there to witness this little love story, and I cannot wait for October!

Ashley Stewart Photography | Engagement Session Merrick 5.jpg

And then there is this one.. This one is my favorite.