Doing more in 2014..

Hey Y'all!  

It's already mid March which means two things.. 

1.  Hopefully we have had our fair share of the winter weather

2.  It's almost graduation time for all you High School Seniors out there!

Keeping up with my personal goal of giving more in 2014, I want to help provide a few lucky seniors by capturing the memories that they might otherwise not be able to afford.  The definition of "a few" has yet to be determined.. It'll all depend on your awesome responses!  Submissions can be for any reason.  Did the child have an extremely hard year for some reason?  Financial Troubles?  Maybe a Senior on his/her own?  I want to help make sure that they are able to remember this very special time in their lives without the worry of footing the bill. They are only this age once, this age where they have the potential to go anywhere and do anything.. The sky is the limit, and they deserve to enjoy it.

Here's how it will work...

Shoot me an email to with the following information:

Your Name

Your Email Address

The Name of the Senior that you are wanting to help

Their Story

The High School that they are currently attending

I will be taking submissions from now until April 1st, and I will contact you personally for more information or to let you know that your senior has been chosen.  So, please don't forget to include your information.  The chosen seniors will receive a free Senior Session, the print released digital custom edits and a complementary print package.  Their story and information will not be made public, and no one will know that they are the recipient of the packages.  I know it's rough being in high school.. And thus these submissions will remain confidential.  

If you are a vendor who would like to pitch in and participate, please email me for more information!