Christin and Devin Tie the Knot...

Well, hey there folks!  I know what you are thinking... me... blogging?  And not only that, but I am blogging a WEDDING.  Yes, the apocalypse must be near.  I got my booty kicked this season, but I enjoyed every single second of it.  Now that I am all caught up (it's a Christmas miracle, really.), it is time to start sharing all these beautiful people with you!  So... First up on the roster, Devin + Christin.  

You guys remember these two cuties, right? 

Ashley Stewart Photography Flaspohler Wedding before.jpg

Let me start by saying that this boy loves this girl soooo much.  It is very apparent in the way he looks at her and in the way he talks about her.  But who could blame him?  Brides just don't get much more stunning than Christin.  Don't believe me, well then.. See for yourself... 

These two lovebirds could not have picked a better day to wed.  It was a beautiful cool fall day - absolutely perfect for their outdoor ceremony at The Garden Room in Fayetteville.  If you have ever been there then you know that the site is absolutely gorgeous.  It is every bit as effortlessly beautiful as the love that these two share.  They have the biggest hearts, and I am so blessed to have been but a small part of their big day. 

Now, I'm gonna stop you right here.... First off, I just want to say that it is dang hard to look through a camera lens while tearing up.  Seeing Dev see his bride for the first time pulled at my heart strings something fierce.  Yes, it is very much convenient to do a "first look".  It really helps with the timing of the big day sometimes, and if planned out right, it can be every bit as moving as the actual thing.  


Let me just say that I am so glad that these two opted out of seeing each other before Christin and her dad took off down this beautiful brick aisle.  This hubby to be could not take his eyes off of her.  There were no cold feet.. No sudden tinge of doubt.. Everyone else just disappeared.  This was their moment, and oh what a sweet moment it was.

I really had the best time photographing Christin + Devin's big day.  They are so fun, and they have the sweetest gaggle of family and friends as well.  These two are so loved, and each and every person that participated in their big day would do anything to make sure that this day went off without a hitch! Especially that super preggo momma-to-be who just happens to be Christin's sister in law.  You probably recognize her from some of my past sessions, and I will be sharing her new bundle of joy soon as well.

Christin + Devin,

You two together are a force to be reckoned with.  I believe that you can and will accomplish all of your dreams with one another by your side.  Your love for one another is something to be admired, envied and hoped for.  I could not have chosen a better couple to work with, and I thank you so much for picking me.  I enjoyed spending time with the two of you and getting to know you and your families and I hope our paths cross again very soon... Baby F-L-A-S-P-O-H-L-E-R soon, perhaps? :)