What a weekend...

As I sit here simultaneously guzzling a Venti Skinny Vanilla Latte and a glass of tea with not one but TWO lemons two little things cross my mind...

#1.  I am fortunate to have a creative outlet that I am passionate about... One that allows me to meet so many awesome people and reconnect with old friends, one that allows me to run around in fields and busy streets like a crazy woman and one that gives me that toddler/baby fix whenever I need it.. And I need it often.. (Hint Hint Hubby).  

#2. After a weekend full of the above, this girl is beat!  Between road tripping to Georgia the weekend before and 3 sessions packed into two days this weekend, I am TIRED.  I feel like all the sudden my body is saying "Ashley, you're getting old".  I used to be a night owl, these days.. I'm snoozing by 10:30 at the LATEST.  

But, because I love it and I love y'all.. I will continue to suck down this caffeine and keep pluggin' along.  So.. Wanna see what I was up to?  

One Session is a SURPRISE and I can't show you for a few more days, but here are a few previews of Ms. Chandler - Harbor 2014 Senior and Little Miss Ava in her First Birthday Dress.. Check back soon for their full blog posts!

Ashley Stewart Photography - Ava
Ashley Stewart Photography Ava 2
Ashley Stewart Photography Ava 3
Ashley Stewart Photography Ava 4
Ashley Stewart Photoraphy Ava 5