Jullea + Patrick | Northwest Arkansas Portrait Photography

Hello, there loves.  It's been almost exactly 2 months since you've heard from me.... Starting in November, we go non-stop until the end of January.  Birthdays, holidays, baby showers, more birthdays.... and mooooore birthdays.  However, I had a little down time, so I thought I would share just a few of these two cuties. 

There is no one I would rather run around the country with while the sun goes down.  Jullea + Patrick, you two make my heart skip a beat.  Your love is adorable.. It is sweet.. It is real.  I'm so glad we crossed paths.  Here is to a new year and new beginnings.

Ashley Stewart Wedding Photography Jullea and Patrick 2
Ashley Stewart Wedding Photography Jullea and Patrick 6
Ashley Stewart Wedding Photography Jullea and Patrick 3
Ashley Stewart Wedding Photography Jullea and Patrick 4
Ashley Stewart Wedding Photography Jullea and Patrick 5
Ashley Stewart Wedding Photography Jullea and Patrick 7
Ashley Stewart Wedding Photography Jullea and Patrick 8
Ashley Stewart Wedding Photography Jullea and Patrick 9
Ashley Stewart Wedding Photography Jullea and Patrick 10

Coming up for air...

Hi, friends.  It's been a very long and hectic few weeks, so I'm coming up for air and sharing a little of what's been going on around here.  Fall minis are one of my absolute favorite parts of the year, and this year I have been blessed so far to be surrounded by the sweetest, most fun and don't be jealous.. But most ADORABLE families.  

Brace yourselves... Lots of photos coming your way in 3... 2... 1...

Now... I don't put pictures in black and white, like.. ever.  However.  There was just something about this sweet little one that made me fall in love with it.. It's special, and warms my little heart.  So, black and white it is!  His smile is infectious.  

These three, soon to be four.. Baby Parker is one lucky little man to be blessed with such a sweet family.  I have known this pretty momma since she was little, and I am so amazed at the wonderful mother and person she has become.   

And this little one... She is wise beyond her years.  My shenanigans may not amuse her, but daaaanngg... Isn't she the sweetest?

Ashley Stewart Photography | Fayetteville Arkansas Portrait Photography 10.jpg

And then there is this one.. Minis are great for just catching up quickly with those yearly family photos.. Capturing everyone in all their craziness as they grow and change from year to year. But there is something to be said for slowing down and taking the time to really put a little heart into it, which is exactly what this beautiful girl's momma did.  Lots more from their full family session very soon.. 

Also, just a little FYI.. If you are looking to book a session anytime for the rest of 2015, please please please let me know asap.  I am only offering a few more session.. Like, one or two, for the rest of the year.  It has been a long, crazy but beautiful year... Can't believe it's almost over.

Falling in Love...

Get it?  Because it's fall, and they are in love?  "Fall"ing... Get it?  You're welcome.

I was the insanely lucky girl who got the pleasure of shooting this ridiculously amazing wedding yesterday, and it just so happened to be for this adorable big hearted person that I have known practically all of her life. Rachel and Zach have a love like i've never seen before.  It's unique and quirky, but they love with their whole hearts all the time.  This boy was so happy to be marrying this girl that he could not stop smiling.  Not for one second.  

Except for when he smooched on her when the sun went down, just.... like.... this...... 

Ohhhh mercy.  This light + these two sweet souls makes my heart beat almost out of my chest. Thanks for letting me be part of such a special day.  Many more to come soon!  

Oh have mercy....

Hi, friends.  So, it's me.. Kinda.  

I'm a little sleep deprived + allergy ridden + needing a shower.. badly.  But i'm still alive and kicking.  October has been kicking my booty, so it's time to share a few more of what's been going on in my hood.  Over the next few weeks you are going to be so tired of me.

On second though, who could tire of seeing such beautiful kind souls like these..  

Ashley Stewart Photography | Lewis Family Mini Session 2.jpg

And this one.... Oh little miss Elzea.  Such a pistol, but you have my *heart*... 

Thanks for stopping by folks.. See ya again soon!