Pantone Schmantone..

I envy them really.. They can pick ONE color, just one - and label it the "Color of the Year".  I can't even put together a logo and a blog feel that I can live with for a month.  I know, I know.. Why don't I just pay someone to do that for me?  Well, my question to you is how can I have faith that someone else will be able to properly reflect me, my brand and my personality when I can't even pick a color?  So, I have gone back to a very basic blog layout until I can come up with something worth keeping.... It may stay like this forever, but at least it's consistent?

So, back to the title at hand.. It's time for a little out with the old and in with the new.  These Pantone Peeps, they really know their stuff.  

Out with the old - Pantone Color of the Year 2013: Emerald

In with the new - Pantone Color of the Year 2014: Radiant Orchid

I'm not going to lie.. I'm going to miss the Emerald.  My favorite way to showcase the emerald is with glittery gold accents.  Who am I kidding.. My favorite way to showcase anything is with glittery gold accents.  

My name is Ashley, and I have an addiction to glittery gold..

Brides, you are in luck!  This purpley goodness is already everywhere.  If you've opened Pinterest this month, you know that the Pantone people are pinning fools - rightfully so.  Purple in any shade is beautiful without being too girly, bold with out being wild and warm with just a hint of fun!  That being said - we all know how much orchids cost.  So I doubt that the flower will become the trend of the year along with the color, but it sure does make for a pretty cake doesn't it?

Mmmm... Cake.  

And glittery gold...