Cabo San Lucas

Let me start this post out by telling you a little bit about my Husband.. When he puts his mind to something, he does it.  And he doesn't half ass it.. He DOES it.  When the whole wedding planning started he had told my parents that he wanted to pay for the Honeymoon.  It was kinda going to be "his thing".. Then he tells me that he isn't going to be able to afford to send us on the honeymoon that he was hoping for, and my mother had so graciously offered for us all to go on a "Familymoon" to Florida the week after the Wedding.  


I LOVE my family, and we spend a lot of time with them.  They currently live about 2 hours away from us, my dad works overseas, and my brother will be leaving for the military soon.  So, even though it wasn't ideal, I went with it.  This went on for months, to the tune of my future hubby to be even offering to have "Familymoon" t-shirts made.  Which I even agreed to wear (with the understanding that my t-shirt would read "I'm stuck on my.. Familymoon").  He even had my closest friends in on this!  And let me tell you... I am extremely impressed with their ability to keep that secret from me because previous experience has proven that they are not exactly locked down like a vault when it comes to info!  

When it came time to pack for the Wedding and the Honeymoon, I packed my bathingsuits, coverups, and all the essentials.. A little sad that my passport was left behind in the drawer not to be used at all.  The wedding passed, and then came the reception.. We danced, drank, danced some more.. drank a liiittllee more.. And then I hear the booming voice of my lumberjack with the microphone.  He's making an announcement... Uh Oh.  He announces to everyone that he's made a few promises to me.  He will love me forever and ever.. He will be by my side no matter what.. And.. He will take me on the HONEYMOON that we deserve.   That's right folks.. That big ol' lug kept a secret from me for almost 5 months!  My Mom had even sent me pictures of the house we were renting in Destin.. These people went ALL OUT!  As it turns out, my family did have big vacay plans.  They had packed their bags and were heading to LAS VEGAS!  But those crazy fools missed out because we spent the first week of marriage on a beach.. In Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.. Minus the McCarty clan.. and it was AWESOME!!!   

We stayed at Secrets Marquis in Los Cabos.  We were a 15 minute bus ride from the Resort to the Harbor in Cabo San Lucas, and we loved it.  It was beautiful, quiet and secluded, minus all the people trying to sale us time shares.. It was perfect.  We went on a Catamaran Sunset Cruise around the Golden Arch and Lovers and Divorce Beach.  We met some amazing people from all over the world, and we spent a lot of time in our infinity pool overlooking the massive crashing waves drinking a plethora of yummy beverages.  There was a tropical storm that had moved through the week before leaving us with beautiful weather but very dangerous tides.  We weren't able to swim in the ocean, but the water in the Sea of Cortez was still a little cool anyways.  The food, the atmosphere, the scenery.  It was all perfect.  I even finally found time to read a book that I've had for months now and had barely cracked the spine!  We took a million pictures, so I am sure you will see more.. Here is just a few! 

We had a great time, but lets just say that by the time the Honeymoon was over we and our bellies couldn't wait to be back on our Mountain!