Happy Saturday Folks!

It's been a nice quiet little Sunday.  

This girl has been up since 7am working on pictures and drinking coffee.  I have had aabbbout 4 cups now, so I should probably stop right?  Riiighhht.  My foot is tapping a little quickly and my fingers are typing at warp speed.. No.. More.. Coffee... Anywho!

What do you do when your friends come up for Christmas Dinner?  Well.. You take their pictures of course!  Impromptu shoot in the front yard.. Why not?  And No.. As much as that out of control beard might look like it belongs to Zac Brown, it doesn't.  

*And I just realized the first line of this says "It's been a nice quiet little Sunday", and it hasn't.. because it's Saturday.  That's how much coffee I've had... Oh well, you know what I meant...