Don't tell my husband..

I have a secret to tell you, but only if you absolutely promise not to tell my husband.. 

Deal?  Deal.

I have a new boyfriend.. His name is Deegan, and he is only 16 months old.

Seriously.. I apologize to all of the former toddlers that I have photographed and labeled as "my favorite" because this little hunky man stole my heart.  He wanted me to pick him up, play with him and then he even tried to get in my car and come home with me. 

That never happens.  Kids usually cannot wait to get rid of me, although I can't imagine why.... (Insert Sarcastic Look Here)..

Maybe it was the silly talk, maybe it was driving the little skateboard all over his dad or maybe it was the long distance tickling of Mom with a little blade of hay that made him love me.. But whatever it was, I must do more of it!  

Lynda, your little man is gonna be a heart breaker!