Christmas has come and gone....

Can you believe that Christmas is already over?  We had such a great holiday this year, and we all have full hearts, bellies and bedrooms overflowing with gifts.   My favorite part about the holiday season is the family time... Games, movies, trips to see Christmas lights... It's good for the soul - but exhausting for the body!  This girl is ready to nap her way into 2014!  Buuuut she can't.  

Christmas only marks the beginning of the celebratory chaos in the Stewart household because after Christmas, we have a full on birthday marathon!  First Daven, my stepson tomorrow the 27th.  Then me on New Year's Day.  My hubby on the 12th.  My stepdaughter, Jessica, and my dad BOTH on the 21st followed by my best friend Haley on the 29th... Holy Birthday Cakes Batman!  

I have been a Pinterest fool this morning trying to decide what kind of cake to make tonight even though I know I will end up making a chocolate cake (from scratch, of course) with chocolate frosting because that is his favorite, but I can still ponder these right?  Riiggghhtt.  I will be sure to snap some pics of that catastrophe tonight!

On Monday, I had a super quick little family session in the [below] freezing weather.  This is Christi, one my best friends since we were little bitty..  Now she has a super cute little family and a handsome bahamian hubby.  That's right... He's from the Bahamas, so you know he's freezing his tush off!  Here is a little sneak peek for now..   


Little Kenyon... He's gonna be a heartbreaker!  


I hope you all had a Very Merry Christmas, and New Years is just around the corner!  

P.S..  I don't wanna take my Christmas decorations down.. Can't we just celebrate with red, green and glitter all year?