Bo + Chase

I've gotta tell ya folks.. It really just isn't fair.  I have hands down the CUTEST clients.. No lie.  The cutest.  All you other photogs, be jealous.  Anywho..

Bo really wanted to do a little Christmas Session while there was still snow on the ground.  Seeing as how a good portion of it had already melted off and turned into a whole bunch of nasty mud, this girl drove all over trying to find a place that A. Still had a little bit of the snowy goodness and B. Wasn't a complete mud pit.. So, we landed our little freezing booties in Prairie Grove at the Battlefield Park.. nestled back in the trees.. next to the running trail!  Be that as it may, we still managed to get some super cute ones of this awesome hubby + wife combo.  Chase was a trooper, and Bo.. Well Bo is beautiful, obviously.