It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

12 Days... In 7 minutes it will be 11 Days.  

The stocking are hung, the tree is decorated and presents are {somewhat} wrapped.  No I don't have all of my Christmas Shopping done, nor do we even know exactly what our plans are this year.  Which got me thinking...

Do you remember when you were younger and the ONLY thing you had to worry about was waking up early enough Christmas morning to check the contents of your stocking before Mom and Dad woke up?  Ransacking the house trying to find those gifts that you would immediately regret peeking at because it TOTALLY was a buzz kill Christmas Morning?  It seemed like it took forever for Christmas to arrive.  FOR-EV-ER!  (Bonus points if you can name that movie).  Now it seems like it flies by, and here we are, just trying to make it through alive and without being flat broke.  The stress of it all gets the best of us, and before we know it - it's January 2nd and we are standing there wondering where it all went.  Yes, we have the mound of wrapping paper trash, the dirty houses after numerous guests and the extra few inches around our waist lines... But where did it go?  

The Magic.  The Surprise.  The hustle and bustle that comes with watching parents and grandparents busily cook meals in the kitchen... We are so wrapped up in pre Black Friday sales and Cyber Mondays that I think we have forgotten the reason for the season.  

As I've gotten older and started my own little family I have noticed myself adapting my mother's habits.  Momma Mel is a Gifter.  She LOVES to give gifts, and she doesn't even care if she gets anything in return.. Ever.  She would actually prefer that you buy her nothing.. Nada.  Zilch.. I have become that woman.  I have stressed so much about what to get who and where to get it from that Christmas just about slapped me in the face.  For the past several years my biggest concern was how busy we would be at the police department during the holidays.. I would DREAD it because no matter how joyful of a holiday it is - it always brings out the crazies.  I would volunteer to cover for those who have little ones at home, so that they can spend Christmas at home with them - where they belong.  

Not this year.. Never have I enjoyed my freedom as much as I do now.  I miss my old job dearly, but 2013 has been good to me.  I am happy, married to the lumberjack of my dreams, healthy and my heart is full.  I have many resolutions, let's call them dreams and goals instead, for 2014.. But we will get to those later on.  

So this is my promise to you, dear internet world full of my wonderful blog followers.. The two of you that are out there.  Starting now I will focus more on being with those that I love stress free - cuddled up on the couch watching Christmas movies and drinking cocoa.  Me and my little family will remain on our little mountain quiet and cozy and content as we celebrate this holiday with the ones that we hold dearest...

With that being said, you guys probably won't here much from me over the next few weeks.  I am officially done editing all sessions that have been shot, and I have two left to shoot.  I will work busily to get those done and give you all (again, all two of you) a little preview just because I love sharing stuff here on this silly little blog... After that, I will give my butt a rest because lets face it - it's now starting to assume the shape of my flat uncomfortable desk chair.  Instead, I will curl up on the sofa with my family and my puppies and actually enjoy the holidays that are about to consume us.   

With that being said, I wish you and yours the best holiday season ever including an amazing Christmas Eve filled with lots of crazy aunts and uncles, a very Merry Christmas riddled with gifts, glitter and yummy Christmas morning foods in your (hopefully) full and satisfied bellies and a Happy Happy Happy New Year.  

Happy Holidays, Folks.  

One more from Courtney and Christin's little Christmas Session with their main men.. Love these adorable peeps.  

One more from Courtney and Christin's little Christmas Session with their main men.. Love these adorable peeps.